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At Cherry Creek Farm, we take pride in offering excellent, safe care for your horse. We provide quality hay. Horses are turned out in large grassy pastures in small groups as long as possible each day which we feel is important for the horses mental and physical well being.  

Full Care Stall


Current full care board is $700 a month

Full care large 12x14 and 12x16 stall includes 2 to 3 times a day feeding of quality grass and alfalfa hay. Daily turnout and stall cleaned once daily. We feed your supplements and grain at no additional cost.

We can tailor to your needs for each individual horse. Additional services available upon request at a small fee. Such as blanketing, booting, ect. 

Full Care Pasture board 


$550 a month (available during dry months of the year)

Full care pasture board inlcudes, fresh water, daily feeding of hay (unless adequate grass is available). Owner feeds grain or CCF can feed grain at an additional charge.

Self and Partial Care stall board
(Currently unavailable)

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